Thursday, November 03, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Educational Blogs & RSS

Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom blog (1st Grade)
This blog impressed me because the teacher not only talks about what the children are learning in class and from classrooms around the world, but she also gives the children a page where they can "write" about their own day.

The KinderKids' blog (Kindergarten)
I liked this blog because it asks for input from the blog viewers. Many posts ask for readers to participate in whatever lesson the class just learned about. Example: "Can you help us find more shapes".

Manaia Kindergarten
This blog seemed to be mostly for parent information (which is a good way to communicate with the parents). But the more I looked at the blog, the more I saw that it shows/talks about what the children are learning in ALL areas of development. The academic lessons are in there, but so are things like physical/social development and talents of students.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I wonder why Murderers do what they do.
When did they lose the Light of the Lord?
And liars, how come they say what they say.
When did they lose the Truth of the Word?
Why do thieves start to act how they act.
Aren't we taught to love one another?
Why did a portion leave with Satan, The Devil
When they could have been saved by Jesus, our brother?
Our world is in shambles for only 1 reason
They've forgotten our Heavenly Mother and Father

Hugs & Kisses

Just give me the Hersheys!
I'm not gonna be subtle.
I dont want to cuddle.
Your kisses are nice but
I just want the chocolate

Your hugs are divine
and I dont mean to whine
Just give me the Hersheys!

Serious Injuries

cut down deep
where no one can see
put on a smile
but inside i bleed
"it's just a boy.
they're stupid", they say.
"you will feel better
and better each day."
they just dont know
how bad it hurts .:ME:.
these aren't paper cuts
but serious injuries

The Drive-In

Warm Summer nights.
Turn off car lights.
park in a spot in the big parking lot
Tune the stereo
Make it blare, YO!
Lay on the hood
Hope the popcorn is good
The movie starts playing
and you turn and start saying
"I forgot my candy stash,
do you happen to have any ca... SHHHHH?!"


They say faith is like a seed
that grows within your heart.
But faith is more to me,
with the world falling apart.

Everything fits together
and you know just what to do.
Your knowledge is much better
and you know the Gospel's true.

So Whenever you're in doubt
and whenever you're afraid,
your faith in Jesus Christ
will always lead the way.

Monday, October 30, 2006

K, so I had to write a creation myth for English class and this is how it turned out. Tell me whatcha think:

Levitas and Thor

The Sky God had many children and he cherished them all. After he felt that his children were mature enough, he gave them a place in nature. His daughters were the clouds, Fire, Wind and the water of the earth. His sons were the plants and animals on the land below the heavens.

All of the Sky God’s children had matured enough to receive their place except for two. His youngest, who were born at the exact same time, were very different from each other as well as their older siblings. Levitas was a strikingly beautiful young woman who didn’t say much, but was mesmerizing to all who looked upon her. Thor, a corpulent young man, had a boisterous voice that could be heard through out the heavens. Out of the Sky Gods many children, these two were the only to ever fight.

After a long summer’s day of Levitas and Thor’s bickering, the Sky God came to his two youngest. All of the fighting had made his heart sorrowful for his children and he did not want them to end up with hate towards each other. The Lord of the sky banished his two children to opposite sides of the heavenly kingdom. Levitas was able to keep her good looks, but her father took her voice away. Thor was diminished to a spirit in the sky, but was allowed to keep his voice.

The Sky God had thought his problem was solved but there were things he had over looked. Levitas and Thor were able to meet each other and bicker when their father checked on his children below the heavens. One day, the Sky God heard a disturbance in the heavens and came home early from his journey. When he reached his place in the sky, he saw brilliant flashes of light and loud roars. The Lord of the sky knew his youngest had found each other, and he began to weep. To this day, Thor and Levitas still meet when they think their father will not find them. Every time they meet, The Sky God weeps. This is how we got lightning, Thunder, and the rains shortly after.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Circle of life...

Looks that kill! Despise! Idolize!
They all start hurt, pain when someone cries.

The pressure's too much
And the weak cant handle
The strong dont care
As far as you can tell.

Looks That Kill! Despise! Idolize!
They all start fights, brawls that never die.

The names and the hate
Tear friendships apart
Seems like the norm
Ripping out someone's heart.

Looks That Kill! Despise! Idolize!
Their lives look good, great like a prize.

The clothes and the friends
Ya, you want it all
Be careful, watch the circle
You'll be the next to fall...

Looks That Kill! Despise! Idolize!
They all start hurt, pain when someone cries.


Listen Closely and you will hear my thoughts.
Look Harder and you will see my emotions.
Ask Me and i will tell you my feelings.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Cant you see its me and you
Forever True
You know what to do

Just take my hand and lead me away
From this crazy day
To a better way

Together we can always dream
Blow off some steam
You know what I mean

Daydreams in the sun
Don’t have to hide, don’t have to run
You know you’re the one


Leave me alone
Just go away
There is absolutely nothing that I have to say

All of this hurt
That you put me through
Tell me, what did you think I would do

Maybe in time
I’ll forget and forgive
Invest my time in a better way to live
It won’t involve a me and you
But in time, it won’t have to

You told me that you wanted me
And I believed your words
But ever since you lied
I only listen to the birds

Maybe in time
I’ll forget and forgive
Invest my time in a better way to live
It won’t involve a me and you
But in time, it won’t have to